Youtube Audit & Optimization for Brand Channels

  • Improve your video marketing and build your audience on YouTube
  • Show off your brand with a new design for YouTube One Channel
  • Implement video SEO best practices for greater discoverability

The Necessity of YouTube Marketing

Now, more than ever, the reasons for advancing your YouTube strategy are numerous:

  1. Video is the future of marketing because it is the most effective way to visually tell your story, demonstrate your expertise and showcase your offering.
  2. Creating more discoverable and compelling video content requires the kind of time and expertise not common among most internal marketing teams.
  3. The evolution of YouTube is a leading focus for Google. Aside from new advertising opportunities, the integration with Google+ will increase the visibility of video.

Why Room 214?

Room 214 is one of the few social media and digital marketing agencies that has expertise across all facets of digital video, including production, search optimization, distribution and advertising. With in-house business units devoted to each area, our collective knowledge helps us stay on top of the tips, best practices, and strategies needed to help you market your brand on YouTube.

What Do You Get?

With YouTube's forthcoming roll-out of redesigned brand channels, known as "YouTube One Channel," there's no better time to overhaul your video marketing. And while design updates are important, implementing best practices in video search optimization and distribution can have an even more dramatic impact on your video content, resulting in more subscribers, more views, and audience retention.

  • YouTube Brand Channel Audit
  • Audit of up to 3 Competitor Channels
  • Branded Design based on YouTube One Channel Specifications
  • Implementation of Channel, Playlist and Video Search Optimization Best Practices
  • Video Research Related to Your Industry
  • Training for Internal Staff
  • Turn-key Implementation
  • Design Your YouTube Channel for All Screen Sizes
  • Improve Your Video Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Increase YouTube Subscriber Base
  • Reach a Larger Audience
  • Drive Traffic to Your Website and Social Media Properties
  • Understand Video Best Practices for Your Industry

As a supplement to YouTube Search Optimization & One Channel Design, Room 214 can also provide:

  • Recommendations for video distribution, including organic and paid strategies through Google Adwords, Facebook, Stumbleupon, and a variety of other industry specific channels
  • Production services, including channel trailers, intro/outro interstitials, live action, animation, motion graphics, video scribing, and more.

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